Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Dancing Claptrap Robot

This is a project my friend (Ryan Chang) and I (Bashir Duranai-Khan) made for one of our University classes (FACS 3933 - Introduction to Physical Computing). The idea of the final project was to create something using arduino and could be in the form of an art related work, tool or interface to the computer using the skills learned throughout the course. During the time of creating our proposal I was really hooked on Borderlands 2 and thought, "Why not make Claptrap from the game and use the robotics theme for my final project." So my friend Ryan joined me as our projects were quite similar - "dancing robots."


First we created the base of the frustum using Coffee Stir Sticks. We glued 6 pieces together to create the 4 vertical pieces by gluing 4 together and 2 on either side to make it strong and secure. We then cut different sizes and glued the entire thing to form the skeleton. 
 We then added a piece of cardboard to hold the electronical aspects and to stand it on the solenoid. It is secured it with some sticks.
 We cut pieces of cardboard for all 4 sides + the top and spray painted them.
Soldered the wires toegether however it turned out to be a failure and we ended up using a breadboard.
 Glued the front and back including the servo motors as well as putting the lens eye.

Top isn't glued.
Used a piece from a speaker as a stand. Put an axel through one of the hole sand screwed it in. Glued a wheel to the stand and put a solenoid on for bouncing.
 Added arms made of straw + spray painted black + added string for extra bendyness. We also put an alligator clip at the end and pieces of cardboard spray painted black for hands.
 Here it is in Motion.

 The inside with all the electronics.
Finished the front aesthetic.