Monday, July 28, 2014

What is underneath Diglett?

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Dancing Claptrap Robot

This is a project my friend (Ryan Chang) and I (Bashir Duranai-Khan) made for one of our University classes (FACS 3933 - Introduction to Physical Computing). The idea of the final project was to create something using arduino and could be in the form of an art related work, tool or interface to the computer using the skills learned throughout the course. During the time of creating our proposal I was really hooked on Borderlands 2 and thought, "Why not make Claptrap from the game and use the robotics theme for my final project." So my friend Ryan joined me as our projects were quite similar - "dancing robots."


First we created the base of the frustum using Coffee Stir Sticks. We glued 6 pieces together to create the 4 vertical pieces by gluing 4 together and 2 on either side to make it strong and secure. We then cut different sizes and glued the entire thing to form the skeleton. 
 We then added a piece of cardboard to hold the electronical aspects and to stand it on the solenoid. It is secured it with some sticks.
 We cut pieces of cardboard for all 4 sides + the top and spray painted them.
Soldered the wires toegether however it turned out to be a failure and we ended up using a breadboard.
 Glued the front and back including the servo motors as well as putting the lens eye.

Top isn't glued.
Used a piece from a speaker as a stand. Put an axel through one of the hole sand screwed it in. Glued a wheel to the stand and put a solenoid on for bouncing.
 Added arms made of straw + spray painted black + added string for extra bendyness. We also put an alligator clip at the end and pieces of cardboard spray painted black for hands.
 Here it is in Motion.

 The inside with all the electronics.
Finished the front aesthetic.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

24x6 LED Array (Robot Mouth) + Dancing Cl4p-tp (claptrap) robot

Me and my friend are currently working on 2 projects for 2 different classes. We are creating a robot mouth out of a 24x6 LED array and using a webcam to detect whether people are around and where they are positioned, the robot plays an audio file and creates a pattern on the LED matrix.

We are also working on creating a dancing claptrap unit from the game series Borderlands.It will basically bounce and move it's arms to create a dancing effect.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Buying a 2 TB External hard drive using Swagbucks to get Amazon gift cards!

So I've been using Swagbucks again for the past few months and made a lot of gift card balance. The website is great and really works! :D
 I bought this 2 TB External Harddrive from the gift cards I've been collecting from swagbucks.
It cost me $136.98 + $17.81 = $154.79 yeye! And now I have around $60 in gift card balance left. My mouse broke so I need to buy a new mouse. And I need to get some new speakers as well!

If you want to join here's my referral link.
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 And here are tips on how to get more swagbucks. If you need more tips comment below

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Timeline photo

Since I love Assassin's Creed so much I decided to make my facebook timeline around it. Since I'm currently playing Brotherhood I used a brotherhood version :D

If you want to use it here are the pictures ;)
profile pic

cover photo

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Assassin's Creed

I bought Assassin's Creed: Directors Cut Edition on Steam on January ~13. Fell in love with the series. Got Assassin's Creed 2: Deluxe Edition January ~25 and now I'm currently playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

It is basically my new favourite series. I even bought some AC clothes :D

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Swagbucks is a great site for earning virtual money known as Swag Bucks. You can use these Swag Bucks to redeem prizes from the Swag Store. The site is great and I've already redeemed $40 in gift cards. I've only received 3/8 so far. Still waiting for the other 5 to show up in my account (as they take 10-14 business days)

Signing up earns you 30 swag bucks. During the registration you can earn even more swag bucks. I believe 10 for downloading the tool bar and 15 for posting a picture.
To redeem a $5 Amazon gift card, you need 450 swagbucks which can easily be achieved in 3 days.
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Tips to earning Swag Bucks
  1. SwagBucks Toolbar - everyday when you open your web browser you'll be awarded 1 Swag Buck
  2. NOSO - No Obligation Special Offers, each day go to this, skip each one then when you're done, fill out the captcha. 2 Swag Bucks. 
  3. Search - You can use the toolbar's search or just go to the search page. You can earn 7-50 swag bucks from searching each search. Most of the time, I get awarded 2 times a day from searching. However once I got awarded 3 times in a day for 10/10/39 swagbucks!
  4. Messages - If you log in daily you'll be sent PM's with Limited Time Offers each day to earn 3 Swag Bucks.
  5. Trusted Surveys - You can earn 50-150 Swag Bucks from completing surveys. However most of the time they will be over quota or you aren't exactly eligible. If this happens you'll be awarded 1 Swag Buck only.
  6. Swag Bucks TV - Now this is my real money maker. I can earn up to 150 Swag Bucks from this alone! EACH DAY! 150 is the maximum daily limit. You can find some tips and tricks on how to get 150 SB easily from google ;)
  7. Swag Codes - Every once in a while, Swag Bucks will post out Swag Codes that will expire in about 1.5 hours after posting. They can be posted on their Twitter, Facebook or Blog. I personally am subscribed to SwagBucksTricks mailing list and receive e-mails directly onto my blackberry every time a new code is available. You can check that out here.
  8. Referrals - If you refer people to Swag Bucks using your referral link you can earn up to 1000 SB. However; you only earn SB when they get SB from searching only.
  9. Swagbucks Mobile TV - I don't have an android but you can earn up to 100 SB from the free SBMTV app.
I average about 170 Swag Bucks a day. The most I've gotten in 1 day was 256 Swagbucks!
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Good luck and enjoy!
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

How to get GFWL to open in Batman: Arkham City

So as you may know I bought Batman Arkham city! The only problem was that Games for Windows - Live didn't work or open up in game.
I got it to work though! So if you are experiencing this problem as well this will be a tutorial on how to fix it!
First of all I'm running Windows XP SP3, so this might only be the solution to people with this problem on this OS.
1. Locate the directory of GFWL: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE\Client
2. Open either GFWLive.exe or GFLWClient.exe
3. If it opens successfully, that means I have no idea what your problem is. It shouldn't open and instead give you an error box saying that you need Windows Live Sign-in Assistant. Click OK.
4. Download Windows Live Sign-in Assistant and then install it.
5. If it installs then success! However, for me it never installed but rather the installation ended prematurely. I had no idea what the problem was. As I was looking around for the solution to this problem I came across a Windows Update fix. Last year my computer got a virus and windows update was turned off.
This icon would always appear on the taskbar next to the other icons. Even when I turned automatic updates on through the control menu, It still wouldn't actually turn on.
It would always show the Automatic Updates in the Windows Security Center as it was Off. Right now I have it on as I got it fixed.

To do this go to this website and follow the instructions (clicky).
6. Once you have inputed the follow command into the run prompt. It should say that it has been resolved.
7. Automatic Updates should now be on and working! Now try installing Windows Live Sign-in Assistant again. This time it should complete and work.
8. Now Games for Windows - Live marketplace should work and open when you open it. And it should know appear in game!

Hope this works for anyone with the problem running on Windows XP SP3. This is just one of the solutions. The one that worked for me! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bought Batman Arkham City

I finally got a copy of Batman Arkham City for PC!
It's gonna be sweet! yeye

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Update and shiii~

I haven't been animating at all since my last video. I've been so busy playing SKYRIM!! The greatest game ever! You guys should definitely play it :D
Also Batman Arkham City finally came out for PC on November 22.. however I still haven't gotten my hands on it! DARN IT!! I NEED IT NOW!!!
I'm planning on making a Skyrim animation and/or Pokemon and/or Batman as well! yeye :D
If you have any ideas for an animation I should make.. hit up me up ;) comment below or pm me on the yewchewbs.
I suck.